Module iced::widget

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Display information and interactive controls in your application.


For convenience, the contents of this module are available at the root module. Therefore, you can directly type:

use iced::{button, Button};

Stateful widgets

Some widgets need to keep track of local state.

These widgets have their own module with a State type. For instance, a TextInput has some text_input::State.


pub use button::Button;
pub use checkbox::Checkbox;
pub use container::Container;
pub use pane_grid::PaneGrid;
pub use pick_list::PickList;
pub use radio::Radio;
pub use scrollable::Scrollable;
pub use text_input::TextInput;
pub use toggler::Toggler;
pub use tooltip::Tooltip;
pub use image::Image;


Allow your users to perform actions by pressing a button.


Draw 2D graphics for your users.

Show toggle controls using checkboxes.

Decorate content and apply alignment.


Display images in your user interface.

Let your users split regions of your application and organize layout dynamically.

Display a dropdown list of selectable values.

Provide progress feedback to your users.


Encode and display information in a QR code.

Create choices using radio buttons.

Display a horizontal or vertical rule for dividing content.

Navigate an endless amount of content with a scrollbar.

Display an interactive selector of a single value from a range of values.


Display vector graphics in your application.

Display fields that can be filled with text.

Show toggle controls using togglers.

Display a widget over another.



A widget capable of drawing 2D graphics.

A bar that displays progress.


A type of matrix barcode consisting of squares arranged in a grid which can be read by an imaging device, such as a camera.

Display a horizontal or vertical rule for dividing content.

An horizontal bar and a handle that selects a single value from a range of values.

An amount of empty space.


A vector graphics image.

Type Definitions

A container that distributes its contents vertically.

A container that distributes its contents horizontally.

A paragraph of text.