Module iced::advanced

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Available on crate feature advanced only.
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Leverage advanced concepts like custom widgets.



  • Access the clipboard.
  • Load and draw raster graphics.
  • Position your widgets properly.
  • Handle mouse events.
  • Display interactive elements on top of other widgets.
  • Write your own renderer.
  • Write your own subscriptions.
  • Load and draw vector graphics.
  • Draw and interact with text.
  • Create custom widgets and operate on them.


  • The bounds of a Node and its children, using absolute coordinates.
  • A connection to the state of a shell.
  • A paragraph.


  • A buffer for short-term storage and transfer within and between applications.
  • An interactive component that can be displayed on top of other widgets.
  • A component that can be used by widgets to draw themselves on a screen.
  • A component that displays information and allows interaction.