Module iced::widget::canvas

Available on crate feature canvas only.
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Draw 2D graphics for your users.

A Canvas widget can be used to draw different kinds of 2D shapes in a Frame. It can be used for animation, data visualization, game graphics, and more!


Handle events of a canvas.
Fill crate::widget::canvas::Geometry with a certain style.
For creating a Gradient.
Build different kinds of 2D shapes.
Create lines from a crate::widget::canvas::Path and assigns them various attributes/styles.


A simple cache that stores generated Geometry to avoid recomputation.
A widget capable of drawing 2D graphics.
The style used to fill geometry.
The frame of a Canvas.
A bunch of shapes that can be drawn.
The dash pattern used when stroking the line.
An immutable set of points that may or may not be connected.
The style of a stroke.
A bunch of text that can be drawn to a canvas


The mouse cursor state.
A Canvas event.
The fill rule defines how to determine what is inside and what is outside of a shape.
A fill which transitions colors progressively along a direction, either linearly, radially (TBD), or conically (TBD).
The shape used at the end of open subpaths when they are stroked.
The shape used at the corners of paths or basic shapes when they are stroked.
The coloring style of some drawing.


The state and logic of a Canvas.