Module iced::widget::canvas

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Available on crate feature canvas only.
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Draw 2D graphics for your users.


  • Handle events of a canvas.
  • Fill Geometry with a certain style.
  • A gradient that can be used as a fill for some geometry.
  • Build different kinds of 2D shapes.
  • Create lines from a Path and assigns them various attributes/styles.


  • A widget capable of drawing 2D graphics.
  • The style used to fill geometry.
  • The dash pattern used when stroking the line.
  • An immutable set of points that may or may not be connected.
  • The style of a stroke.
  • A bunch of text that can be drawn to a canvas


  • A Canvas event.
  • A fill which linearly interpolates colors along a direction.
  • The shape used at the end of open subpaths when they are stroked.
  • The shape used at the corners of paths or basic shapes when they are stroked.
  • The coloring style of some drawing.


Type Aliases

  • A simple cache that stores generated Geometry to avoid recomputation.
  • The frame supported by a renderer.
  • The geometry supported by a renderer.