Module iced::window

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Configure the window of your application in native platforms.



  • Attach an icon to the window of your application.



  • A window-related event.
  • The mode of a window-based application.
  • The position of a window in a given screen.
  • A request to redraw a window.
  • The type of user attention to request.


  • Changes whether or not the window will always be on top of other windows.
  • Sets the Mode of the window.
  • Closes the current window and exits the application.
  • Begins dragging the window while the left mouse button is held.
  • Fetches an identifier unique to the window.
  • Fetches the current Mode of the window.
  • Subscribes to the frames of the window of the running application.
  • Brings the window to the front and sets input focus. Has no effect if the window is already in focus, minimized, or not visible.
  • Maximizes the window.
  • Minimes the window.
  • Moves a window to the given logical coordinates.
  • Request user attention to the window, this has no effect if the application is already focused. How requesting for user attention manifests is platform dependent, see UserAttention for details.
  • Resizes the window to the given logical dimensions.
  • Toggles the window decorations.
  • Toggles the window to maximized or back.