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The core library of Iced.

This library holds basic types that can be reused and re-exported in different runtime implementations. For instance, both iced_native and iced_web are built on top of iced_core.

The foundations of the Iced ecosystem



  • Align and position widgets.
  • Access the clipboard.
  • Handle events of a user interface.
  • Load and use fonts.
  • Colors that transition progressively.
  • Load and draw raster graphics.
  • Listen to keyboard events.
  • Position your widgets properly.
  • Handle mouse events.
  • Display interactive elements on top of other widgets.
  • Write your own renderer.
  • Load and draw vector graphics.
  • Draw and interact with text.
  • Keep track of time, both in native and web platforms!
  • Build touch events.
  • Create custom widgets and operate on them.
  • Build window-based GUI applications.


  • Creates a Color with shorter and cleaner syntax.


  • The border radii for the corners of a graphics primitive in the order: top-left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left.
  • A color in the sRGB color space.
  • Degrees
  • A generic Widget.
  • The hasher used to compare layouts.
  • An amount of space to pad for each side of a box
  • An amount of logical pixels.
  • A 2D point.
  • Radians
  • A rectangle.
  • A connection to the state of a shell.
  • An amount of space in 2 dimensions.
  • A 2D vector.


  • The background of some element.
  • The strategy used to fit the contents of a widget to its bounding box.
  • The strategy used to fill space in a specific dimension.