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Asynchronous tasks for GUI programming, inspired by Elm.

The foundations of the Iced ecosystem


  • pub use executor::Executor;
  • pub use subscription::Subscription;
  • pub use futures;
  • pub use iced_core as core;


  • The underlying implementations of the iced_futures contract!
  • Listen to runtime events.
  • Choose your preferred executor to power a runtime.
  • Listen to keyboard events.
  • Create asynchronous streams of data.
  • Listen to external events in your application.


  • A batteries-included runtime of commands and subscriptions.


  • MaybeSendNon-WebAssembly
    An extension trait that enforces Send only on native platforms.
  • MaybeSyncNon-WebAssembly
    An extension trait that enforces Sync only on native platforms.


Type Aliases§

  • BoxFutureNon-WebAssembly
    A boxed static future.
  • BoxStreamNon-WebAssembly
    A boxed static stream.