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Interoperability library for Rust Windowing applications.

This library provides standard types for accessing a window’s platform-specific raw window handle and platforms display handle. This does not provide any utilities for creating and managing windows; instead, it provides a common interface that window creation libraries (e.g. Winit, SDL) can use to easily talk with graphics libraries (e.g. gfx-hal).

§Safety guarantees

Please see the docs of HasWindowHandle and HasDisplayHandle.

§Platform handle initialization

Each platform handle struct is purposefully non-exhaustive, so that additional fields may be added without breaking backwards compatibility. Each struct provides an empty method that may be used along with the struct update syntax to construct it. See each specific struct for examples.

§Display Handles

Some windowing systems use a separate display handle for some operations. The display usually represents a connection to some display server, but it is not necessarily tied to a particular window. See RawDisplayHandle for more details.



  • An error that can occur while fetching a display or window handle.
  • A display server handle for a particular windowing system.
  • A window handle for a particular windowing system.