pub trait Recipe<Hasher: Hasher, Event> {
    type Output;

    // Required methods
    fn hash(&self, state: &mut Hasher);
    fn stream(
        self: Box<Self>,
        input: BoxStream<Event>
    ) -> BoxStream<Self::Output>;
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The description of a Subscription.

A Recipe is the internal definition of a Subscription. It is used by runtimes to run and identify subscriptions. You can use it to create your own!


The repository has a couple of examples that use a custom Recipe:

  • download_progress, a basic application that asynchronously downloads a dummy file of 100 MB and tracks the download progress.
  • stopwatch, a watch with start/stop and reset buttons showcasing how to listen to time.

Required Associated Types§


type Output

The events that will be produced by a Subscription with this Recipe.

Required Methods§


fn hash(&self, state: &mut Hasher)

Hashes the Recipe.

This is used by runtimes to uniquely identify a Subscription.


fn stream(self: Box<Self>, input: BoxStream<Event>) -> BoxStream<Self::Output>

Executes the Recipe and produces the stream of events of its Subscription.

It receives some stream of generic events, which is normally defined by shells.