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Let your users split regions of your application and organize layout dynamically.

Pane grid - Iced


The pane_grid example showcases how to use a PaneGrid with resizing, drag and drop, and hotkey support.


pub use state::State;


The state of a PaneGrid.


The content of a Pane.
A line.
A rectangular region in a PaneGrid used to display widgets.
A collection of panes distributed using either vertical or horizontal splits to completely fill the space available.
An event produced during a resize interaction of a PaneGrid.
A divider that splits a region in a PaneGrid into two different panes.
The title bar of a Pane.


A fixed reference line for the measurement of coordinates.
The arrangement of a PaneGrid.
The visible contents of the PaneGrid
A four cardinal direction.
An event produced during a drag and drop interaction of a PaneGrid.
A layout node of a PaneGrid.


A pane that can be dragged.
A set of rules that dictate the style of a container.


Draws a PaneGrid.
Calculates the Layout of a PaneGrid.
Processes an Event and updates the state of a PaneGrid accordingly.